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Why data is the key to IBM being “the enterprise cloud”

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IBM data enterprise cloudIn a recent interview with CloudTech, John Considine, IBM general manager of cloud infrastructure services, made the IBM view of cloud abundantly clear. “Here’s the trick: for us, we are the enterprise cloud,” he said.

Data is a cornerstone of that way of thinking, Considine said:

“One of our theories leading into the cloud, for the past few years, of course, is that data is enormously important for the enterprises, and given more than 80 percent of the world’s data is still maintained behind the corporate firewall, our focus has been how do we enable the businesses to take advantage of that data, to combine it with new processing techniques, new data sets, and new capabilities? [It’s about] all the things associated with machine learning and deep learning, analytics and bringing all of these things together in a form that allows them to tap into those resources and deliver not only application modernization, but really even process reinvention.”

Considine specifically pointed the value of using containers for IBM Cloud services. “It really has been good for us internally, helping us chart the roadmap and then work with our customers to take them through that application modernization in that container journey,” he said.

Other emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and blockchain—have become important parts of IBM helping its clients gain a competitive edge.

For more about how IBM is using those emergent technologies in the cloud and its partnerships with companies including NVIDIA and Salesforce, read CloudTech‘s full interview.

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