More than 1,000 reasons to attend Think 2018

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Any business conference worth attending should be about one thing: preparing your organization to succeed.

That’s why the team here at IBM has been working tirelessly to create an educational experience at Think 2018 like none you’ve ever seen. At the center of this experience will be Think Academy, a massive collection of training sessions and learning resources designed to prepare your team for the future of business and technology. It’s like earning your advanced degree in digital disruption through one exhilarating four-day course.

Still not convinced? Here’s what Think Academy could mean for your team.

  • A place to learn: With hundreds of different lab topics in a variety of styles (group, expert-led, self-paced and more), you can learn the way you learn best. Train on everything from cloud integration, to big data, to artificial intelligence. You can even use IBM Watson as your personal assistant to help design your ideal schedule.
  • A place to build your qualifications: Focus on advancing your career by earning certification in one of over 300 different certification programs. You’ll also get the chance to work on equally important soft skills such as leadership and networking.
  • A place to meet: Talk with the top minds behind the biggest advances in technology like IoT, cloud, data, security and AI. Pick the brains of leaders in your industry via our Ask Me Anything sessions or tackle your hardest problems at the event’s Think Tanks. It’s a great chance to brainstorm, form partnerships and even connect with future customers.
  • A place to play: Sometimes learning can also mean having some fun. With games, activities and plenty of spaces designed for meeting and lounging, you might discover that some of the most fun moments are also the most intellectually illuminating.

The sessions at Think Academy are by no means the only reasons to attend. Think 2018 will also include an exciting array of speakers, including educators, astronauts and world-famous scientists.

Tens of thousands of IT professionals and leaders will gather to solve top problems, and IBM leaders and customers will share our vision for your success. Whether it’s through hands-on demos, group work, informal discussions or deep-dive technical sessions, we’re determined to empower your team to succeed. Visit the Think 2018 website to browse the sessions and register today.

Director, Application Platform Middleware Marketing

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