What the shift to DevOps means for your production environment

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As more organizations move to the DevOps model, teams are having to relearn what it means to operate a production environment. Most organizations seem to think DevOps means no Ops, but the reality is that the operations component is still required. The concepts of service management are still relevant in the era of microservices, cloud native applications and hybrid cloud.

With the transition to the DevOps model, teams often start with simple monitoring and notifications. Often, however, they quickly discover that notifications alone are not enough to efficiently manage their production environments. They realize that they must also adopt the event management, automation, digital experience management and root cause analysis functionalities.

Operations teams are shifting left and development teams need to shift right to understand what is important for managing production environments. The infrastructure and application deployment models are becoming more dynamic, and teams need to understand this dynamic relationship of the infrastructure more than ever before.

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