Cloud accounts for more than 20 percent of record-breaking IBM patents in 2017

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IBM patents 2017IBM was issued 9,043 US patents in 2017, making it the top company for US patents granted for the 25th straight year.

Of those, more than 1,900 — about 21 percent of the total — were cloud-related. For example, one patent was for a system that monitors data sources including weather reports, social networks, newsfeeds and network statistics to determine the best uses of cloud resources to meet demand. It’s one of numerous examples of using unstructured data can help organizations work more efficiently.

Other areas with large numbers of patents included AI (1,400) and cybersecurity (1,200).

Some 8,500 IBM engineers, researchers, scientists and designers from 47 different countries were granted patents in 2017. The more than 9,000 patents issued to IBM in 2017 brings the company’s total number of since 1993, the first year of the 25-year streak, up to more than 105,000. The 9,043 patents in 2017 set a record for patents in a single year.

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