10 of the top IBM Cloud news stories of 2017

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2017 IBM Cloud newsIf you were to boil down the news of 2017 into a single, pithy slogan, you might make it, “Expect the unexpected.”

That sentiment was true for IBM Cloud, with exciting new client announcements, big leaps forward in technologies such as containers, and partnerships that continue to drive cloud adoption around the world.

Yet all those stories continued a pattern of growth, partnership and development IBM Cloud has built over the years. Perhaps they weren’t that unexpected after all.

Take a look at 10 of our top news stories of the year and judge for yourself:

  1. American Airlines adopted IBM Cloud as the foundation for its massive cloud transformation designed to make internal processes more efficient, faster and easier. Building on a partnership signed in 2016, the airline will move some of its critical applications, including its website, to the IBM Cloud, with the aim of better handling site traffic during high-volume periods.
  2. The US Army signed a 33-month, $135 million contract with IBM for cloud services. The new agreement is an extension of the cloud services, software development and cognitive computing work that IBM has been doing for one of the US federal government’s biggest logistics systems.
  3. Enterprises around the world tapped IBM Cloud to drive innovation and generate new value from their data including Lloyds Banking GroupBombardier, Walgreens, Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and BMW.
  4. Wanda Internet Technology Group and IBM announced a partnership in Beijing to form a new company built on the IBM Cloud. The two companies will also provide Chinese businesses access to select IBM Cloud infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS and PaaS) technologies.
  5. NVIDIA and IBM announced that IBM was the first major global cloud provider to make the NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerator, which is geared towards speeding AI workloads, available on the cloud. IBM achieved new performance benchmarks with the P100 GPU accelerator on the IBM Cloud, reducing deep learning training time by up to 65 percent compared to the NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU.
  6. At VMworld Europe, IBM and VMware announced that more than 1,400 enterprises, including Honeywell and Vodafone, have moved VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud. IBM also partnered with Dell EMC to provide commercial customers access to VMware solutions on the IBM Cloud.
  7. Docker and IBM continued to expand their partnership with the launch of Docker Enterprise Edition for IBM Cloud, which enables companies to easily shift their workloads to the cloud with Docker containers, then connect them to advanced cloud services.
  8. Throughout the year, IBM added eight new cloud data centers in London, Sydney, San Jose, Dallas and Washington, D.C., expanding the IBM global footprint to nearly 60 data centers across 19 countries. The new centers help clients run their data when and where they need to meet increasing performance, geographic and security requirements. IBM also rolled out new capabilities in its cloud data center in Frankfurt, Germany, to give clients complete control of their data.
  9. Investments and collaborations to advance the ease and flexibility of building with containers and Kubernetes on IBM Cloud included the launch of the IBM Cloud Container Service, built with Kubernetes, and open industry projects such as Istio and Grafeas to strengthen the security and scale of container-based apps. IBM also launched Microservices Builder, which makes it easier for developers and organizations to create, deploy and manage apps built with containers and microservices.
  10. Continuing IBM’s investment in Kubernetes and containers, IBM Cloud Private launched to enable companies to create on-premises cloud capabilities similar to public clouds and accelerate app development. The new platform is built on Kubernetes container architecture and supports both Docker containers and Cloud Foundry.

Those are just a few of the IBM Cloud stories from 2017. Want to know more? Find out what else IBM Cloud is doing and can do for you.

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