The top 10 Thoughts on Cloud articles of 2017

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top 10 thoughts on cloud 2017If you had to describe the biggest changes to and focus points of cloud computing in 2017 in just a few words, what would you say?

Would you mention blockchain? What about microservices? Private cloud? Automation? Where would analytics fit in? Or impending regulations dealing with data governance and responsibility? Maybe you’d mention how much cloud has grown this year, and how organizations are using cloud to make business more efficient in practical ways.

Those certainly weren’t the only important topics in cloud this year, but they were the big ideas that did the most to pique the interest of Thoughts on Cloud readers. While looking to be prepared for changes and regulations there are sure to be coming, readers also were deeply curious to learn more to learn about what’s new and exciting in cloud computing.

Here are the top 10 stories on Thoughts on Cloud for 2017:

10. 4 characteristics that set blockchain apart
9. Intelligence in the cloud: Beyond the hype
8. IBM Cloud revenue jumps by 33 percent
7. Retailers and producers turn to IBM Blockchain to improve food safety
6. Announcing IBM Cloud Private for Microservice Builder
5. Microservice Builder: Software delivery goes from days to minutes
4. AT&T and IBM partner for analytics with Watson
3. New tools boost data governance ahead of GDPR implementation
2. IBM and Automation Anywhere: A new partnership to reinvent business process
1. IBM gives clients control of their data in Europe with cloud, underscoring data responsibility

How would you describe cloud computing in 2017? Please let us know in the comments below.

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