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The top 3 ways that Netcool lives up to its name

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The word “cool” might not be the first one that comes to mind when you’re asked to describe operations insight. But here at IBM, we’re such believers in the power of operations insight that we put “cool” in our product name. Most operations insight vendors offer event analytics, cognitive insights and other core capabilities that give clients a “heads up” on potential problems before they become critical issues. But IBM Netcool Operations Insight goes much further.

Here are my three favorite—and coolest—features that set IBM apart in the market:

  • Predictive insights for emerging problem detection. Wouldn’t you like to leverage the performance metric data you’re already collecting to get real-time dynamic thresholds, univariate anomaly detection and multivariate emerging problem detection from a single solution (with no data scientist required)? This capability is built to work with your preferred performance collection tool, including over a dozen top IBM and non-IBM solutions.
  • Agile service manager for a dynamic, real-time converged topology solution. When tracking problems with fast-changing services, operations needs context right now, including dynamic, cross-domain topology information you can trust. Information about how the infrastructure is hung together has become increasingly important in a dynamic setting. To solve problems fast, operations needs to trust the information that monitoring tools have to share.
  • Seamless operator experience for network operations, performance and configuration management. Our investment in a seamless operations experience (from problem detection to integrated network health and configuration management) means you spend less time resolving issues.

A product doesn’t remain a leader in the market year after year without a commitment to constant innovation. The Netcool approach is simple: innovate to enhance or replace old solutions with better ones and keep the hard-won solutions that offer proven value in the real world. Our best practice for efficient and effective operations consolidation includes a handful of simple rules (delivered out of the box) augmented with the adaptive customization of our analytics capabilities. The combination of hard-won experience and innovative analytics is hard to beat, and with IBM you can be confident that you’re working with a leader committed to your success.

Learn more about IBM IT operations management (ITOM), explore our solutions, including IBM Netcool, and start your journey.

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