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IBM Cloud Private newsThis month, IBM launched IBM Cloud Private, a scalable cloud platform built on open source frameworks and that runs on users’ own infrastructure.

IBM Fellow Bala Rajaraman described it as a way to “use your heritage to your advantage.” But he’s not the only one talking about what IBM Cloud Private can do. Numerous print and online news outlets covered the announcement, and a few dug deep into the capabilities of the new platform.

Here are just a few examples of what news outlets have been saying about IBM Cloud Private:


Essentially, IBM wants to give IT the best of both worlds by providing a way to build APIs to connect cloud services like Salesforce with the in-house data center and share data with those legacy applications. It also enables them to manage the legacy applications in a modern way by moving them to containers, while using Kubernetes as a management layer.


The effort, called IBM Cloud Private, is the latest spin on the hybrid cloud. Vendors are creating converged infrastructure, bringing managed cloud services to the data center and forging partnerships to address hybrid cloud deployments… IBM’s approach with Cloud Private is focused on containers and an open source approach that works with multiple clouds and hardware systems as well as existing infrastructure.


With this offering, the tech company seeks to provide a consistent technology platform for building applications, making it easier for business users to move their workloads to and from the public cloud.


IBM Cloud Private [is] designed to help organizations set up on-premises private cloud environments with similar capabilities to public clouds. The platform also allows organizations to use popular cloud-native tools for application development in both environments. IBM Cloud Private can do this because it’s built atop the open-source application container orchestration software Kubernetes, and supports both Docker containers and the CloudFoundry application development platform.


Companies that want the benefits of modern cloud computing without the cloud turn to private cloud services in order to achieve that goal, and IBM has a new version of its private cloud software available for those potential customers.

Network World

IBM is no stranger to cloud. The company has been one of the handful of companies competing in the infrastructure and platform as a service markets for the past half-decade… On premises, ICP can run on bare metal servers, or in VMware environments. ICP uses Terraform to configure some on-premises resources.


In the case of machine learning, users can use the cloud to train machine learning models and then transfer them to on-premise systems for execution. IBM has created container versions of several of its middleware products, such as MQ Series, DB2 database and WebSphere to facilitate data and application portability between enterprise and cloud data centers. Whether people want to call it data analytics or machine learning or AI, the journey should be around the data and business results, officials said.

See what you think. Learn more about IBM Cloud Private.

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