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Cloud analytics need a trusted data lake

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It’s undeniable that digital transformation is impacting nearly every business. The world is literally transforming around us, and access to information and data, which once was limited to a privileged few, is now mandatory for all.

This access to information and data has fundamentally changed the expectations of users, both as consumers and in business. Users want access to as much information as possible and this access must be always-on and available on demand.

What does this mean for IT and your company? IT needs to transform both what information they present to users and how they present it. Data access needs to be persistent, secure, and easy to use yet still cost-effective and highly available.

The days of linking data sets into spreadsheets for reporting are gone. One of the paramount questions that IT leaders should be asking themselves is whether their organization is ready for the data and analytics requirements of digital transformation. Are your executives and senior leaders getting all the insights and information they need for your business?

In most cases, the answer is likely no, and IT needs something to address it.

What is needed today is a platform that can quickly ingest and catalog data from a multitude of sources — internal and external — then enable the analytics to process the data into actionable business insights. This platform is not simply a growth of existing data management systems. Existing systems lack the scalability and capability to perform such analytics.

The solution should be a cloud-based platform, one that not only enables advanced analytics, but also has the infrastructure, with a capable data lake, to support it. Some of the key attributes of the solution should be that it is:

  • Scalable to meet the needs of any size project or business, beyond what traditional systems can provide
  • Secure and reliable to protect your data with both durability and availability
  • Always-on and accessible on demand, so it will be available whenever it is needed by a variety of users, and only operates when required
  • Integrated and persistent, so that the analytics and data lake work together to retain the process and insights so they can be used again
  • Cost-effective, where you only pay for what you use, without the expense of fixed infrastructure

One platform that meets these requirements is the new solution from IBM, which integrates the advanced analytics and AI tools on Watson Data Platform with an IBM Cloud Object Storage-based data lake. The IBM solution integrates its leading cloud solutions to provide a seamless user experience that benefits not just members of your IT organization, but also data scientists, developers, line-of-business users, senior management, and other executives, so they can ask and answer questions as well as accelerate effective decision making.

Having an integrated, always-on analytics platform is crucial for businesses to take advantage of digital transformation and not be overwhelmed by it. An effective data analytics solution is a key to unlocking the power and insight of today’s data, and the companies that are best able to leverage and drive that insight will be the successful leaders of tomorrow.

For more information, please read my white paper, “Unlocking the Power of Analytics with an Always-on Data Lake.

View a video and customer testimonial on how organizations can build an integrated and persistent data lake with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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