MQ demos for customers considering multicloud architecture

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More and more enterprise IT organizations are committing to  a multi-cloud architecture. As companies move their workloads to cloud, they have started to realize the risks and returns of using a single cloud platform.

A solid multi-cloud strategy gives you the power to change course if there is a sudden change in vendor policy, process or price. With interoperability, you have the freedom to move workloads anywhere in the cloud ecosystem. At IBM, we support an open environment for our customers and are taking extra steps to eliminate barriers so that you can get and remain agile.

Take the example of our ever-evolving, 25-year strong multi-cloud messaging solution, IBM MQ. MQ simplifies the challenges of exchanging messages across different cloud platforms. Now you can access MQ in IBM Cloud, Azure and in AWS through Quickstart for IBM MQ. If you are attending AWS re:Invent, take advantage of the opportunity to meet our experts and get a hands-on MQ on AWS demo at booth #135, Sands Expo.

Also, make sure to attend our session –  Learn how to build a scalable and highly available messaging service using Amazon EFS on November 30th from 5:30- 6:30 pm in the Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4205.

Visit us and find out why we have the simplest, fastest and most trusted multi-cloud solutions available today.

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