Empower your chatbots with connectivity to all your applications

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New ways of engaging your customers, partners and employees are emerging within the domain of chat technologies. Imagine engaging customers in an automated fashion through technologies like SMS, Salesforce Live Message, Slack or other such interfaces and helping them check information, resolve problems or even order products. Three years ago, before the emergence of cognitive technologies, this sort of interaction wasn’t really possible due to the complexities in how people use language. However, times have changed as AI has advanced, and these patterns are now becoming aggressively sought out by businesses of every size.

Salesforce and IBM are at the center of making this happen for a variety of organizations. This is being powered through the use of IBM Watson Conversation – a cognitive service that can understand the intention of language, even business language, and take action. With Watson Conversation, chat sessions in the Salesforce cloud can be automated to respond to various user directives – minimizing the engagements that require human investment. At this point you may be asking “how exactly can you respond to what a user asks for?” What if the user says “ship my order”, “add 2 units of that product to my cart”, or “find a store close to my location”?  Any one of these conversations will require access to your core business applications in order to take action.

With IBM Cloud Integration we are able to greatly simplify how those business applications can be entwined into a chatbot. Through a no-code approach, users can easily choose from among one of the preconfigured applications that they want to connect to. They then walk through a few steps to select the object they want to take action on (i.e. “order”, “location”, “product”) and then make it available to the conversation. These configurations can also be customized and enriched further for any special logic required in order to meet the business requirement. With the ability to connect to hundreds of applications and databases, IBM Cloud Integration makes it simple to extend any chatbot to the rest of your business.

To learn more about IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce and how IBM can help you connect your business, try our free to use offering, IBM App Connect, the connected piece of our cloud integration platform. If you happen to be at Dreamforce, stop by and visit us at booth #300 or attend our session and we can provide you with a personal demo of how we can empower your chatbots.

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