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Upgrades to IBM Watson Data Platform clear path to sharing and AI

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watson data platform updatesA set of upgrades to IBM Watson Data Platform can give data professionals a stronger foundation to safely share data and analyze it in preparation for use in AI applications.

Watson Data Platform has already enabled data scientists to derive intelligence from data and overcome day-to-day problems. The newest offerings help them do even more.

They include:

  • Data Catalog, which creates a complete, searchable index of structured and unstructured data in a system.
  • Data Refinery, a tool to help prepare, cleanse and process data to share it broadly and use it for AI purposes.
  • Analytics Engine, an intelligent repository for data that combines Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, powered by IBM Cloud Object storage.

To learn more about these upgrades to Watson Data Platform and how data professionals can use them, read the full post at the IBM Cloud blog.

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