Spark disruption at the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Summits

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Cloud and Cognitive Summits

Love it or hate it, disruption is a reality of today’s economy. Organizations have a pivotal choice ahead: spend valuable resources every year scrambling to maintain the status quo, or embrace change and become a disruptor. However hawkish it may seem, this is the business climate of today.

That’s why IBM is offering clients and partners a sneak peek into upcoming offerings for data, Watson, cloud and Power Systems at the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Summits in New York and Dallas. These events will provide the insights and training your team needs to become a disruptor in the new economy.

Take data science as an example. Data science is no longer an isolated, standalone job. It’s being democratized, and the tools are becoming more accessible and easier to use. Data science experts will continue to exist, but the skill of data science is becoming a standard requirement for more and more roles. That means every team, no matter how big or small, should be basing their decisions on quantifiable insights. They will need to learn how to break out of what’s comfortable and embrace the new paradigm.

Attendees at the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Summits in New York and Dallas can discover how to reshape IT, accelerate data intelligence and create smarter apps and services. The New York summit is 1 – 2 November 2017, and the Dallas summit is 13 – 14 November 2017.

Here are just a few highlights of the events:

  • A speech from legendary author and marketer, Guy Kawasaki.
  • Leadership sessions in which attendees will work one-on-one with key IBM executives and explore cross-industry success stories, such as how IBM Watson drives Olli and a helps enable Kone’s cognitive elevator.
  • Educational lightning talks and panels with an emphasis on leveraging technology for disruption, including talks on optimizing your infrastructure, accelerating your organization’s data analytics with the Watson Data Platform and adopting IBM Cloud for VMWare.
  • Strategy sessions aiming to solve tough challenges such as creating smarter apps and services by infusing AI into your customer experience.
  • Interactive demos and hands-on activations showcasing the latest technology, such as the IBM Q virtual reality experience and a look at customer insight and engagement for banking.
  • Networking events where attendees will meet with industry leaders, IBM Fellows, Distinguished Engineers and other high-level decision makers such as David Kenny, SVP of Watson, and Rob Thomas, GM of IBM Analytics.
  • For approved non-government clients, IBM will even provide hotel accommodation.

These are only some of the many exciting features of these events. You cannot afford to miss this chance to bring valuable business insights to your organization. Learn more about the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Summits in New York and Dallas, and register before seats are gone.

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