Calculating the ROI of migrating SAP to cloud managed services

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ROI SAP cloud managed servicesThe potential value of cloud managed services extends far beyond reducing infrastructure costs and freeing up IT staff to focus on more innovative tasks.

These solutions can create value across an enterprise by helping to accelerate time to market for new products and services, increase customer reach and retention, reduce labor costs, help improve security, and increase system uptime.

For example, the benefits that actual companies have experienced after implementing cloud managed services include:

  • Accelerating time to market for new products and services by 60 percent through rapid provisioning of IT resources needed for development
  • Faster, more accurate reporting by speeding access to enterprise information by 50 percent
  • Increased customer satisfaction rankings as a result of deploying cutting-edge technologies that help companies better identify and respond to changes in demand
  • Reducing time spent managing and maintaining infrastructure by 90 percent
  • Improving recovery time objective (RTO) after a disaster by 98 percent through geographically-dispersed disaster recovery solutions

The decision to implement a cloud managed services solution may require approval from leaders outside the IT department. An IBM internal study conducted by Frost & Sullivan recently found that 72 percent of CIOs who want to adopt a cloud managed services solution for their SAP deployments are seeking help building their business cases.

The IBM Cloud for SAP Benefits Estimator online tool can help leaders across lines of business better understand and communicate the potential value that cloud managed services can deliver for their strategic priorities.

Simply enter a few pieces of general information about your company, IT requirements and strategic priorities. Using more than 20 years of real customer data, the tool calculates and assigns a monetary value to estimate the benefits cloud managed services could deliver for your company across six key categories.

The “self-service” online tool takes about ten minutes to complete and provides a quick view of the projected return on investment (ROI) for implementing cloud managed services into your IT environment. After completing the online tool, users can access a customized report highlighting the projected benefits these solutions can offer their businesses.

For a more personalized, in-depth analysis, including a more detailed five-year ROI projection, contact an IBM sales representative.

Try the IBM Cloud for SAP Benefits Estimator tool.  If you do not currently have an assigned IBM sales representative and want to know more, click the “talk to an expert” button on the IBM Cloud for SAP website.

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