New data center solutions help simplify public cloud migration and speed private cloud deployment

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New data center solutions cloudAmong the bevy of new, modernized data center solutions unveiled by IBM this week are two designed to help organizations deploy public clouds more quickly and migrate data to and from the IBM Public Cloud with greater ease.

Spectrum Virtualize not only enables simplified migration to the public cloud, it also helps with disaster recovery. Its intent is to “support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centers or between cloud data centers.”

On the private cloud side, IBM Spectrum Access helps storage admins deploy private clouds quickly by “delivering the economics and simplicity of the cloud with accessibility, virtualization and performance of an on-premises implementation.”

Among the other new data center solutions was a cloud-based software beta program that integrates storage with artificial intelligence and machine learning to make storage infrastructure more efficient and healthy. IBM also unveiled a new, even denser FlashSystem array that contributes to lower data costs by almost 60 percent.

Find out more about the new IBM data center solutions in TechRepublic’s full article.

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