Sincrolab counts on IBM Bluemix to support cognitive therapy app

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Sincrolab cognitive therapy appFor parents of children with cognitive difficulties such as autism or ADHD, the time, travel and expense associated with cognitive therapy can be barriers to getting needed treatment.

Some families have incurred significant debt to secure treatment for their children. Some have even been forced to sell their homes to afford care or move to an area where needed services are available.

Developing and recovering cognitive abilities

Sincrolab, a Spanish provider of technology tools for neuropsychological rehabilitation, has developed a web platform and two mobile applications (one for children, the other for adults) that mental health professionals can bring to the patients to treat their cognitive disabilities.

The company’s training platform, consisting of a system of personalized cognitive stimulation, helps with the development and recovery of cognitive abilities for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and adults with learning disabilities or neurodegenerative disorders.

The application enables health professionals to remotely manage and supplement ongoing treatment for their patients.

Realizing success with IBM Bluemix

Because the application’s focus is personalized training, the infrastructure must be security-rich and enable around-the-clock availability so therapists can have anytime, anywhere access for their patients with cognitive disabilities. Sincrolab counts on IBM Bluemix bare metal servers to develop and support its cognitive therapy application.

Currently, there are more than 200 active patients, and Sincrolab has already worked with more than one thousand since the platform’s inception three years ago.

In a current project, teachers have been working for the past year with 20 children ages 7 to 11 who have autism and other cognitive diseases.

They are using the Sincrolab app to work on exercising memory functions using video games based on cognitive neurosigns. The app stimulates memory, attention, executive functions, language, and calculations.

The teachers found that the cognitive stimulation through Sincrolab increased the children’s cognitive performance as well as improved their moods and behavior. The children have been training every day for nine months. One of the children has even begun to speak a bit after the Sincrolab program intervention. Parents have reported that the children are more focused on tasks and instructions.

Thanks to the Sincrolab app, teachers are able to offer a new cognitive therapy program in school and continue the project for at least another two years.

Going forward, Sincrolab is investigating ways to implement IBM Watson technology into its solution. Currently, the therapy is available in Spanish for the local market in Spain.

Read the case study to learn more.

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