Why IBM MQ lets you choose the cloud best for you

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IBM MQNobody likes to be restricted. They don’t want to have decisions made for them. Would you really go to a restaurant if the menu had only one option? “Oh, you’d like a side salad with your hamburger?” the waiter asks. “No, sorry. We only can give you this one thing.”

And here’s my point: We all crave choice. A restaurant that offers no options to pair with your burger is ludicrous.

So shouldn’t your technology give you the freedom to choose and use the cloud solution that is best for your business? IBM understands this and is working to help clients capitalize on cloud by providing industry leading offerings like IBM MQ enterprise messaging across multiple clouds to achieve ultimate data security and scale.

Why so many dang clouds, anyway?

Name a leading business with only one cloud today, I dare you. Today’s reality for many businesses undergoing digital transformation is access to applications and data regardless of where they are located.  But in a multicloud world, one requirement remains constant: transaction security. And that’s where IBM MQ come into play.

Multiple clouds. No fear. Data Is safe anywhere.

Leif Davidsen, Offering Manager of IBM MQ, has seen this requirement first-hand. Almost all of our clients are starting to explore the benefits of cloud – and what that means to them.”

A priority for many businesses is to find a way to exchange data in the form of messages between applications, systems and services. And they need messaging exchanges that are reliable, secure, rapid and simple.

That’s why MQ gives customers the freedom to choose and use the clouds they need. In addition to MQ running on the IBM Cloud, IBM supports deployment of MQ on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. As part of the IBM commitment to multicloud we are working to create a first-class experience for our clients. For example, we are now launching an AWS Quickstart to make it easier for AWS customers to try MQ.  Learn more.

Data security is a top-of-mind concern for all businesses today. Not a day goes by, it seems, without a news headline talking about a data breach. That’s why IBM is working to provide the industry’s leading enterprising messaging platform everywhere its needed in today’s multi-cloud world.

To learn more about what MQ can do for your business, click here.

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