Cloud and cognitive are revolutionizing financial technology

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financial technology cognitive cloudWhat if cognitive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, could personalize your investing experience? What if an investment scenario offered a simple but complete picture of how to reduce risk while achieving higher returns? Could games, or more precisely “gamification,” help you achieve critical investments insights that offer the promise of long-lasting value?

Don’t look now, but It’s already happening.

Disruptive technologies are fundamentally altering the financial technology (“fintech”) industry. They’re reducing the complexity of investment decisions by making offers and products more intuitive and, in some cases, even fun.

This is causing fintech organizations to transform from being distributors of financial products to digital packagers of financial advice. And because fintech companies are starting with client insights first, they’re gaining a deeper, more intuitive understanding of each customer, whether institutional or individual.

Cognitive computing solutions offer fintech organizations valuable capabilities by enabling systems to process and act on data in a human-like manner. They can transform how financial technology organizations handle information, act and operate. The combination of natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dynamic learning enables powerful, fast and accurate solutions.

What’s really exciting is how cloud and cognitive technologies have much deeper implications for the financial services industry at large. The IBM Watson Platform makes use of the power of cognitive computing and big data and can be accessed as an “insight as a service.” We’ve removed the complexity of the process so that any financial advisor now has the ability to address client concerns including how a news article might affect an investment portfolio or what exactly a buyer has invested in with a single mouse click.

Look at how fintech company Alpha Modus is using cloud and cognitive. It’s always looking for investment “primetime” moments. Alpha Modus created a solution with the IBM Cloud platform to use Watson technology. With these capabilities, it can now look at “random” data such as news headlines, tweets and stock trends to predict market sentiment and direction, ultimately leading to profits for individual and institutional investors.

Then, there’s India’s Signzy Technologies, which is using IBM Watson and IBM Blockchain services to develop a digital trust platform. The platform cuts the identity verification process for financial institutions by as much as 80 percent, thus improving Signzy’s ability to comply with regulations and help reduce fraud. The platform also establishes a common protocol for running background checks, using the IBM Blockchain service to decentralize records while keeping data highly secure.

Meeting heightened customer expectations is on everyone’s mind. Bendigo is adding IBM Watson Campaign Automation to its IBM Cloud presence to achieve its vision of being Australia’s most customer-connected bank. Bendigo will be able to better match customers with their preferred banking channels, provide enhanced personalized messaging across inbound touchpoints and reassure customers that sensitive information is secure.

As new applications are launched by financial institutions, the need for these types of cloud and cognitive solutions is only growing.

The recently announced IBM Cloud for Financial Services is one example of this. This is an open platform that brings together fintech and financial services institutions to rapidly develop and share innovative applications, APIs and data on a secure cloud platform. It provides all the essential building blocks for agile development of applications: technologies such as blockchain, cognitive analytics and big data with regulatory-aware financial content.

By providing fintech developers all the essential tools to build and deploy cognitive financial services apps, IBM is helping them bring innovative solutions to market faster in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Learn how IBM Watson can provide your business with cognitive advantage.

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