The solar eclipse in an application world: What’s new with IBM APM

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APM appsLike millions across the U.S. last week, I found myself very intrigued by the prospects of witnessing a rare total solar eclipse. So intrigued that I found myself outside during the time of the phenomenon, watching with a small crowd in the parking lot.

The eclipse itself was fascinating. But I noticed something else that was interesting: the majority of the people in the parking lot were using a smartphone application to track the event and learn more information about the amazing things happening up in the sky. Applications have become such an integral part of our experience that even during an unmissable natural phenomenon, people still will look to interact with them.

My vision that day was crystal-clear. I realized: we live in an application world.

I see this very clearly in the business world, where organizations of all sizes are directly affected by applications, both customer-facing and internal. In the parking lot during the eclipse, I was thinking about all the work that must have gone into making sure these applications were available and performing well precisely when users wanted to access them. It made me realize how lucky I am to work on a product that helps companies do exactly that: IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (APM).

IBM Cloud Application Performance Management is a significant component of the IBM cloud offering that intelligently monitors, analyzes and manages multicloud environments. IT professionals and application developers can monitor user experience and improve the stability of application infrastructure. They can also quickly identify the root cause of issues to proactively prevent outages and keep users satisfied.

APM capabilities have proven to be a great asset to businesses, resulting in a projected market of  $4.98 Billion by 2019, according to Research and Markets.

IBM just introduced some exciting new features to IBM Cloud Application Performance Management that will improve overall functionality and experience. Highlights include:

  • A new page designer tool to customize views for your specific needs
  • Enhanced synthetic monitoring capabilities to find issues in webpages and APIs before they affect end users
  • A new, industry-leading Predictive Insights add-on that incorporates machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and provide early warnings so you can fix application issues before users are impacted
  • Integrated log search analytics to identify the source of issues right down to the line of code, helping developers increase efficiency
  • Integration with IBM API Connect, where you can monitor the availability and performance of APIs exposed through this service, and use transaction tracking to find the source of a slowdown

For more information on IBM APM solutions that could help your business, check out our research papers on application performance management for insurance, finance, and telecommunications industries.

And I hope you’re looking forward to the next solar eclipse as much as I am.

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