Make Them Heart It: Find Unhappy Customers and Turn a Negative Tweet into Customer Loyalty

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We’ve all been there. That moment when you realize that something you bought is not functioning or a service you paid for was not done correctly. Not to worry though. You have a warranty, right? You push back the frustration to spend that energy on finding your warranty document, only to discover it expired 3 days ago. Sound familiar? If you’re in the business of serving customers, this scenario probably happens more frequently than most care to admit. And it can leave a not-so-pleasant lasting impression on your company.

In today’s digital business world propelled by social media, customers have ample opportunities to make themselves heard, but they raise their voices in tweets, Facebook posts, and Google reviews far more often than they do in company-provided comment forms. If a customer complains publically, but not directly to your company, you risk losing satisfied customers who are the cornerstone of your business results. Still, with the proliferation of public spaces on the internet, the task of capturing those comments that quickly become dark, unstructured data can seem like finding a needle in an ever-growing haystack.

So, if they post their dissatisfaction on a public forum, how do you know so you can take corrective action? Performing that task efficiently requires help, and for me, that means  harnessing the right data capture and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Having worked with IBM clients and product teams for years, I’ve seen first-hand how the right ECM solutions help our business respond to all of our customers, no matter where they share their comments. For instance, IBM Case Manager integrates with IBM Analytics Platform, so when the analytics find a post or a tweet about our company, it generates a new case in IBM Case Manager without spending hours running searches. IBM Datacap enriches each case file by gathering relevant customer data, from receipts to warranties, and placing it in the file. IBM Case Manager also tracks similar cases, so when we see a complaint emerging more than once, we can address the root cause. It’s about seamless integration of content management tools to simplify finding and acting upon the right data and content at the right time.

To see exactly how it works, check out this demo: “Deliver Superior Customer Interactions with IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager.” In the customer complaint example, not only did IBM Case Manager and Datacap software help resolve a dissatisfied customer’s complaint, but it also alerted the company to a systemic problem with their product. It kept everyone connected and engaged to create a better customer experience and avoid further exposure.

Next generation data capture and content management solutions deliver a host of benefits to your company and your customers:

  • Provide exceptional customer experiences. Reach your customers with what they need, even when they don’t reach out to you directly.
  • Proactively respond to customers. When you aggregate data about customer concerns, you can see patterns, identify problems and take action before more concerns arise.
  • Resolve customer complaints faster. IBM Case Manager’s integrated system connects all the individuals within your organization—along with relevant team members outside your company, like manufacturers—and quickly pulls them in to resolve issues.
  • Gain valuable insights with a 360-degree view of the customer. IBM Datacap’s cognitive capture system pulls together all the relevant information available about a customer’s experience, giving you valuable insights into their needs.

Watch the demo and learn how you can continue to deliver on customer loyalty through excellent customer experiences. Want to learn how ECM can help your unique scenario? Leave a comment and we’ll have one of our representatives give you a call.


Senior Content Marketing Manager, IBM ECM

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