The next step in the evolution of orchestration

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Evolution of orchestrationCloud orchestration and automation across multiple technologies, platforms and service provider environments have become complex processes with a wide range of challenges.

According to IDC’s “FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2017 Predictions,” more than 60 percent of enterprise IT organizations building hybrid clouds will purchase new or updated workload-centric cloud management solutions by the end of this year.

The orchestration and automation market has evolved from mere task automation, which was performed via simple virtualization management, to process and workflow automation, which is the done through orchestrators. The creation of virtual machines (VMs) which are not application ready is creating another need: workload automation.

Beyond this, there are additional challenges. Even with an orchestrator in place, organizations have a need to integrate with service management tiers. There have been lot of piecemeal solutions, but now organizations need an end-to-end, holistic orchestration and automation solution which can:

  • Help automate delivery of infrastructure, application, and custom IT services
  • Support direct integration of service management capabilities
  • Deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments
  • Provide policy-based governance and logical application modeling to help ensure that multivendor, multi-cloud services are delivered at the right size and service level for each task performed
  • Include both build/deployment (day zero and day one) and delivery/support (day two) orchestration and automation services
  • Enables intelligent orchestration and smart automation with cognitive functions

With the launch of IBM Cloud Deployment Services (ICDS), a next-generation IBM Cloud orchestration and automation solution for building private and hybrid clouds, delivered as a service, that end-to-end option is finally available. It has inbuilt classic to cognitive patterns, which are IBM-designed, reusable and intelligent pieces of software providing a layered approach to cloud orchestration and automation.

ICDS helps customers in expediting their hybrid journey in a digital world.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Deployment Services.

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