IBM Cloud Event Management is now in beta

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Does your DevOps or operations teams ever:

  • Get swamped with a storm of operational events?
  • Have trouble prioritizing or relating events from multiple sources?
  • Allow missed or delayed events to become more severe problems?

IBM Cloud Event Management can now help you navigate the storm without getting shipwrecked.

Enable your DevOps and IT operations teams to resolve application, service and infrastructure problems promptly.

Cloud Event Management automatically correlates events into prioritized incident views. It also notifies the right person at the right time, with integrated, automated notifications. This initiates a fast response and keeps everyone in sync. To quickly resolve incidents, it even matches in-context runbooks with events.

Cloud Event Management:  Identify, notify, and resolve critical incidents fast

IBM Cloud Event Management

Check out how you can resolve incidents fast:

  • Expedite problem determination: Automatically ingest thousands of events from disparate sources and correlate them into prioritized incidents
  • Restore service quickly: Resolve simple outages automatically, free up first responders for the hard tasks
  • Bridge the gap between development and operations teams: Relieve pressure on teams by automatically routing incidents to the right people
  • Assess and improve operational health: Observe user activity and feedback to evolve runbook guidance and automation

The offering is immediately ready to use from the cloud. Get to Cloud Event Management in the IBM Cloud catalog here.

A version of this post first appeared on the Bluemix Blog.

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