Empower your data with App Connect on Bluemix

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App Connect on Bluemix dataEarlier this month, we launched App Connect as a service on Bluemix.  Why? We are aiming to meet the needs caused by a significant shift in the way modern organizations develop data-driven applications. Companies are looking to increase efficiency and productivity while also managing common challenges ranging from skill shortages to stagnant budgets. App Connect on Bluemix aims to address both sides of this equation.

 Data-driven success with App Connect

Data is the cornerstone of a successful business. Companies strive to capture, nurture and safeguard data stores as they seek to gain the edge on competitors. But the real value of data comes from the ability to utilize it effectively. A business must have the capacity to analyze the information they have and then act on it, quickly and effectively. In turn this drives increased efficiency, improved productivity and most crucially, a better customer experience.

IBM App Connect dash

For today’s business leader, the cloud provides an almost endless list of software as a service (SaaS) solutions that help them effectively utilise their data, from sales to marketing and analytics. Many of these applications are highly valued for their intuitive user experience, their affordability, the speed at which they are updated to meet changing demands and the relative ease with which they can be deployed. It’s for the same reasons that many business leaders are now looking to their IT departments to develop bespoke ways of harnessing and sharing data in the form of application-based services.

App Connect on Bluemix empowers your developers

Bluemix provides developers with instant access to the services they need to build, App Connect on Bluemix developertest, change and deploy complex applications. The cloud platform brings together an ever-growing palette of services from IBM and third-party providers, across mobile, IoT, cognitive and more. Bluemix empowers developers with a rich toolbox from which to build their apps. The speed at which these apps can be developed and deployed, coupled with the ease of working on a single platform, mirrors the qualities that many users like about SaaS applications.

Building effective apps is only part of the story. Businesses see the greatest value when they connect all of these services together. IBM App Connect provides an intuitive, web-based tool to automate workflows and integrate data, apps and APIs across hybrid cloud environments. We designed the user experience to support a range of roles and needs, from simple, trigger-action flows across cloud apps to multi-step flows requiring sophisticated data transformation and mapping.

Integrate apps on Bluemix

By providing App Connect as a Bluemix service, developers can now not only build and manage bespoke applications, but also they can integrate them with other applications—on or off the Bluemix platform. In turn Bluemix brings tangible benefits to App Connect users, including powerful monitoring and analytics tools, instant access to services including Watson and OpenWhisk, and the ability to share integrated applications and services with other users in the company.

For more information about App Connect on Bluemix and to get started, visit our webpage.

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