Watson Analytics help Southern Connecticut State University improve student success

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SCSU Watson Analytics student successWhat are the determining factors of student success?

Southern Connecticut State University turned to IBM Watson Analytics Professional to find out what really is most important for keeping students on the path to graduation.

A 10-year data analysis found that campus experiences played the biggest role in whether students remained at a university, transferred elsewhere or dropped out completely. Many previous models relied on demographic information to predict a student’s behavior.

“We were able to start making decisions that were informed by data, rather than anecdotes,” said Michael Ben-Avie, director of the Office of Assessment and Planning at SCSU. “The shift from data-laden reports to infographics with visualizations from Watson Analytics considerably helped in this regard.”

The university has used Watson Analytics to open a new Academic Success Center, which offers tutoring services, academic coaching and other services designed to help students achieve. SCSU has also started a new internship program in its School of Business and computer science department in which students have access to Watson Analytics tools.

For more, read Campus Technology’s full story.

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