EVRY and IBM partner to accelerate cloud adoption

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EVRY cloud adoptionFor some businesses, cloud adoption has been a complex process. It isn’t something they feel confident doing alone. They usually need some help.

Located in Oslo, Norway, EVRY ASA is a business solutions and consulting company that serves financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities in the public and private sectors. EVRY’s core strategy is to be close to its customers, wherever they are. The company has 50 offices distributed in the largest cities in the Nordics.

EVRY’s customers want modern solutions and services, which include cloud services. The company wanted to simplify an increasingly complex world for its customers, so it began to develop cloud services and data centers.

Moving to the cloud

When EVRY started to build its own cloud solutions, it soon became clear that it would take time to do that. Additionally, it was a significant financial investment.

EVRY looked to accelerate its transformation into cloud services based on a partnership with another provider. The company realized that, from a local point of view, it was difficult to handle global competition. EVRY combines its strong local knowledge and presence with IBM`s global cloud capabilities.

EVRY chose IBM as its cloud partner because of the methodology and the competencies that IBM has in helping customers move from traditional IT into the cloud. This strategic move allows EVRY to focus on being a customer-centric organization with focus on value-added services and solutions built on leading technology.

Besides, EVRY has worked with IBM across the Nordic region since the mainframe era in the 1970s. It has been a strong partnership over the years.

Creating a cloud partnership with IBM

EVRY and IBM entered into a long-term cloud partnership that has been very well received by customers.

It is essential to provide local infrastructure services for regulatory reasons, so EVRY’s private cloud offering to its local market is based on IBM technology, which is implemented in EVRY data centers.

With IBM, EVRY can keep up with the “functionality race.” Public cloud vendors are releasing hundreds of new functionalities every year, such as APIs, integrations, management, reports and so on. IBM Cloud enables EVRY to develop these types of new functionalities easily and quickly.

Helping customers succeed with cloud adoption

The vast majority of EVRY customers have made large investments over a long period of time in legacy business apps. Cloud adoption requires a shift in thinking and time. Taking care of customers’ legacy environments and offering them state-of-the-art cloud services through the partnership with IBM is EVRY’s key objective.

IBM Cloud provides the resiliency and security needed to run customers’ mission-critical workloads.

EVRY initially moved 20,000 public sector, banking and healthcare workloads to the hybrid cloud.

Expanding the partnership

EVRY is now expanding its successful partnership with IBM to regional and small-to-medium-enterprise customers. What this will mean is quicker time to market for new cloud-based services and leading-edge infrastructure platforms.

The ability to make use of its strong local presence and knowledge while also supporting with global resources puts EVRY in a unique position while enabling the company to compete internationally.

Transforming with confidence

EVRY customers can move mission-critical workloads to the right cloud with confidence that resiliency and security have been properly addressed. Customers of all sizes benefit from faster time to market for world‑class services that offer a flexible framework for transformation.

For example, Posten Norge has selected EVRY to provide IT infrastructure, including dedicated cloud solutions based on IBM cloud technology, combining scalable, cloud-based capacity with secure data storage at EVRY’s data center in Norway. This unique concept makes businesses more competitive, flexible and able to accelerate their digital transformation without compromising security.

A new agreement between Telenor and EVRY includes a dedicated cloud solution, infrastructure operations and data center services to support Telenor’s digital transformation. The agreement covers the delivery of dynamic infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and modern storage solutions to support the group’s need for a secure, stable and flexible platform for its critical business applications.

Discover more about the partnership between EVRY and IBM. Read the case study.

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