eZanga outsmarts the bots with IBM Cloud

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eZanga outsmarts botsAccording to a recent CNBC study, in 2016 alone, 20 percent of total spending on digital advertising was wasted. The study predicts brands will lose about $16 billion globally to online advertising fraud in 2017.

Online marketing firm eZanga was founded in 2003 to combat fraud traffic so advertisers and publishers could thrive without cutting into their budgets. The company focuses on simplifying solutions to identify real or fake users—fake users being bots or human ad fraud—to anticipate attacks before they happen.

Today, eZanga is dedicated to help thwart advertising fraud and improve the number of real humans interacting with ads and content by validating the user, the source it comes from and how to attack it with accuracy. One of the most pernicious forms of ad fraud involves computer programs, or “bots,” that impersonate publishers and reap the profit from advertisers.

eZanga started as a small-scale company looking to bring fraud-combating technology to life. As the company grew, its leaders realized that advertisers must investigate the analytics behind their traffic to stop bots before they attack.

Between click fraud, bot traffic and consumer privacy, eZanga is looking to challenge fraudulent traffic and protect advertisers’ budgets. A longstanding IBM client, eZanga is finding new ways to use IBM Cloud technologies to push innovations forward to produce nimble technology to help reduce fraud. Today, eZanga is exploring new ways IBM Watson APIs can bring value to customers and help them stay one step ahead of fraud.

eZanga has a wide variety of innovations that focus on generating ROI for publishers and advertisers. Its offerings include AdPad, which enables customers to create, manage and enhance ad campaigns on a centralized, self-service platform on the IBM Cloud.

The company’s newest technology, Anura, is a dashboard offering that optimizes traffic sources by validating that the user is a human. It also shows real-time potential threats to lessen the chance of attack. eZanga hosts Anura on IBM Bluemix to give customers the benefits of a flexible, agile server infrastructure and enable the success of the Anura technology.

IBM and eZanga are ensuring that people, not bots, are seeing the ads companies serve up. With the help of IBM, eZanga is ready to take the leap and expand its cloud footprint to gain even deeper insights from data it collects, making its services future-proof for customers.

The company’s cloud journey is just beginning as it continues to partner with IBM to take small ideas and turn them into big technologies. Interested in how your company might benefit? Learn how to get started quickly with Bluemix.

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