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Join the jam to help the IBM think conference meet your needs

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Think Jam / InterConnect 2016Next year, IBM is bringing together InterConnect, World of Watson, Edge, Amplify, Connect and Vision to form one massive global conference: think. This new event merges IBM AI, Cloud, Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Systems, Security and Services to reflect the way we all work.

As part of this unification, IBM is hosting an online jam to give clients, IBM Business Partners, IBMers and tech enthusiasts of all types the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas on everything from exposition to sessions, entertainment, keynotes and so much more.

How would you describe your ideal tech conference? This is your chance to make it a reality.

What is a jam?

An online jam is a business collaboration tool that engages everyone from interns all the way up to the CEO, unleashing the brainpower of an entire enterprise, and in this case across enterprises, to solve the hardest problems.

Only a jam enables decision makers to derive actionable insights from thousands of participants contributing ideas, evolving perspectives, taking polls and forging new relationships. When you’re looking for collective intellect, there are few better options.

Get involved

Register now for the jam, then join up at any time 20 through 22 June to make your voice heard. You can participate for just three minutes, three hours or all three days. It’s up to you.

Once the jam is over, event organizers will analyze the findings to build a better event that truly fits the needs and desires of the community.

In the meantime, learn more about think.

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