What PureApplication solves for hybrid cloud management

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PureApplication hybrid cloudDigital disruption can damage businesses that don’t adapt to new technology quickly enough. So how can any company speed deployments of critical software to ensure they’re not missing opportunities?

First you need to design the infrastructure to your own specifications, allowing for plenty of flexibility when selecting the best hardware for managing your unique application environments. You also need to accelerate and simplify your deployments of these environments.

With the hybrid cloud solution IBM PureApplication, you can do all of the above. Its flexible compute and storage characteristics help you define the infrastructure to meet the needs of your unique use cases.

This flexibility is attractive to companies that have already made significant investments in their architectures. For example, consider a company that has installed a large VMware environment and wants to add platform as a service capabilities. They can enhance their existing VMware software management tools with IBM patterns of expertise on PureApplication across all their unique application environments.

IBM PureApplication also comes with access to PureApplication Software, which allows you to bring your own hardware when an application needs a special kind of input/output performance. Or, for example, if you want to optimize storage technology for your provisioned middleware: by mapping various storage technologies to your VMware datastores, you can select which type of disk technology work best with your middleware.

As you map the disk technology of your choice to block storage devices, such as VMware RDS or  raw managed datastores, you can use PureApplication Software to integrate and manage across your storage. Cloud administrators get full flexibility to choose what storage hardware to map to IBM PureApplication Software.

Furthermore, IBM and Cisco offer a combined, design-validated VersaStack product line. VersaStack meets all the prerequisites of VMware and PureApplication Software, and it’s a great converged hardware platform for use with PureApplication Software. To learn more about the VersaStack combo, visit here.

Being able to use current investments in IT is top-of-mind for organizations. With PureApplication Software, you can bring your own licenses for OS, hypervisor and middleware. This includes existing license agreements for VMware, RedHat Enterprise Server or Microsoft Windows Server.

Pre-sales specialists, IT managers, and decision makers will recognize the business value of PureApplication Software on bring-your-own infrastructure. It provides significant deployment and lifecycle automation for workloads across Linux, IBM platforms, as well as open source tools like Docker, Chef or Puppet. Using PureApp patterns ensures rapid, consistent, error-free deployment of many IBM and non-IBM products across multiple environments, including development, test and production.

There are now many options available for enterprise grade patterns using PureApplication Software on bring your own hardware. Learn how your business can benefit from these combined capabilities. Watch this animation to see how and where PureApplication can fit into your digital journey. Ready to get hands-on to try it with your unique use cases? Try PureApplication Software today at no cost.

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