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Bringing streaming video to 270 million soccer players

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Footters soccer video

Broadcasting live video of games isn’t just for professional athletes anymore.

Thanks to online streaming platform Footters, which has adopted IBM Cloud Video for on-demand video content for soccer players, it’s quite the contrary.

The Spanish company aims to connect as many as 24 million soccer — or, as it’s called everywhere but the US, football — teams and 270 million players around the world with its platform designed to stream amateur matches and help professionals meet. As of now, Footters is working with 50 teams.

Footters worked with content design and creation firm 12Segundos to sort through all the streaming video options on the market and choose IBM Cloud Video. Stability and compliance were big factors, as well as the additional services Footters could offer teams, including data analysis and editing capabilities.

Footters CEO Julio Fariñas says the cognitive technology in the IBM Cloud Video service “offers functions that maximize and speed up the extraction of data from a football match. For example, in the future we will be able to know how often a player has run up and down the wing and how many times he has passed the ball.”

There’s also the pay-per-view monetization model for the football clubs to use with fans and followers. They can also place ads if they want to. Viewers can pay via a monthly or annual subscription, or they can simply pay for as much of a game as they choose to watch.

Footters’ goal isn’t just streaming games, though that is important. Its focus is chiefly on youth and amateur soccer, as well as up-and-coming leagues around the world. For example, in Spain, it aims to work with teams everywhere but in the 1st and 2nd divisions, which have their own agreements with television channels.

The company is shooting to connect teams, players, agents, scouts, institutions, tournaments, brands and even families, thereby building a closer soccer community.

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