How’s your cloud confidence?

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Cloud confidence story string boardI learned a lot at IBM InterConnect this year, but most importantly, I learned how cloud computing and having super powers are surprisingly similar concepts.

I had a great time speaking with clients at the Cloud Confidence Center on the concourse. The central feature of the space was our cloud story string board, which was a real draw and a fantastic conversation starter to boot.

Cloud adoption leaders asked attendees to talk about their roles, their experiences with cloud so far, what they would like to do with cloud technology, what areas of cloud they would like to learn more about, and what super power they either have or would like to have.

I noticed interesting patterns regarding the super powers the people wanted. Agility came to the fore for those who were interested in how cloud could help them speed up internal processes. Invisibility was key for those who saw how cloud was helping their IT systems stay up and running. Those interested in finding out more about Watson were overall looking for super intelligence as their super power.

Using the board, we were able to take conversations to the next level. The area featured each component of IBM Cloud Technical Engagement, so as well cloud adoption leaders, we had people available from the Bluemix Garage, Cloud Professional Services, Solution Architecture and our support teams ready to help clients expand their stories, gain deeper knowledge and find paths forward.

We tracked hundreds of stories and I noticed a few trends from the people that I spoke to. To start, more people have begun their journey onto the cloud, so fewer are looking for help with the first steps. Many are now looking for help with fully adopting the cloud in their organizations.

While there was still a lot of focus on moving existing workloads to the cloud, there were also many people who were looking to create their first “born-on-the-cloud” applications as well as use the cloud to improve business processes and extend their on-premises infrastructure with hybrid

String board photos


The most popular points for further learning centered around Watson, which is perhaps unsurprising, as organizations are now starting to

realize the power of cognitive within their applications. They’ve been seeing the ease with which Watson APIs can be implemented into Bluemix applications.

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) were big topics of conversation, along with DevOps, process transformation and Bluemix Infrastructure. I had many conversations about containers and microservices, too, with customers keen to understand how they can take advantage of technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenWhisk within their organization.

The best thing about the board was that it was a real talking point and a focus for visitors who were themselves taking a minute to look at the patterns that were emerging. I think it may have also been the most photographed exhibit, too.

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