Come prove your building skills with WebSphere

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WebSphere and WINRemember how awesome your building block structures were as a kid? Sure, others followed the instructions and built “by-the-book” pieces, but not you. Your designs were completely original, and therefore the greatest contraptions of all, complete with trap doors and aircraft vehicles that could transform into submarines.

You didn’t know this then: that life has led you to a career in microservices. That’s why you have what it takes to build the best original building block creation of all time.

You just have to prove it. Here’s how: Visit the IBM WebSphere booth at the concourse during InterConnect 2017 to participate in our WebSphere microservices building contest.

Wait, what are microservices?

Glad you asked. Microservices are an architecture style in which developers can build large, complex software applications using many small components known as microservices. They are independently deployable and loosely coupled, making each service easier to develop, deploy and scale. These characteristics are why microservices architectures are gaining traction for developing and delivering cloud-native workloads across public, private, and hybrid cloud application environments.

That’s great, but what do microservices have to do with toy building blocks?

The toy building blocks represent a microservices architecture, which are, by nature, comprised of loosely coupled, smaller pieces, making each service easier to scale and the ability to develop and deploy services independently. IBM WebSphere Application Server makes it easy to build and deploy these microservices across any cloud environment.

How does the contest work?

Starting Monday, 20 March, come to the IBM WebSphere booth at the concourse anytime during concourse hours to build your original creation. All toy building blocks will be provided. You can come back as often as you’d like — during concourse hours, no sneaking in at midnight — to make modifications to your structure.

The contest will close at 1 PM PT on Wednesday, 22 March. No building will happen after this time. From there, our panel of judges will decide the winners. Creations will be judged on originality, may only use the toy building blocks provided, fit within an 18”x18” space and be no taller than four feet.

The winners will be announced starting at 3 PM on Wednesday, 22 March on the open mic stage at the IBM WebSphere booth. The decisions of the contest judges are final. No takebacks.

Let’s get to what’s important — what can I win?

Our top four winners will receive two floor seat wristbands to Wednesday night’s Zac Brown Band concert.

Social Superstar Award

You don’t have to be a building master to win prizes. Instead, you can be our Social Superstar and still win two floor seat wristbands to Zac Brown Band. Here’s how to win: post a picture of your creation, using our hashtag #WASBuild and #IBMInterConnect. Your name will be added to a drawing for the Social Superstar prize each time you do.

Bring your A-game, originality, and creativity and come visit the IBM WebSphere booth during Concourse hours:

Monday, 20 March:  5 PM – 7 PM PT

Tuesday, 21 March: 11 AM – 7:30 PM PT

Wednesday, 22 March: 9 AM – 5 PM PT (contest closes at 1 PM PT)

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