10 do-not-miss hands-on labs at IBM InterConnect

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Hands-on labs InterConnectLooking for a hands-on experience with technologies and services that can help your organization work smarter?

The InterConnect Hands-on Lab Center provides an opportunity for attendees at this year’s conference to get first-hand, technical experience with the latest IBM products and solutions. Stop by and meet experts. Try hands-on exercises at your own pace.

Choose from more than 200 hands-on labs in areas including Bluemix, hybrid cloud and more, and of three types: Bootcamp, scheduled, and open.

Bootcamp Labs are three- to four-hour sessions providing enrollees the opportunity for a deeper dive through hands-on work with new products and technologies. Attendees will also be eligible to receive an IBM Open Badge upon successful completion of the lab. You can find the details about the Bootcamp Labs at InterConnect here.

Attendees must enroll to secure seats at scheduled labs, so early enrollment is strongly suggested. See the detailed agenda of scheduled labs and enroll by using the IBM Events mobile app or InterConnect Session Expert.

Open labs are open to attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. No registration is required. Attendees complete labs in a classroom setting, each with a dedicated laptop. Open labs are self-paced, but expert proctors are available to answer questions and guide users through the step-by-step instructions provided for the lab.

Here are five scheduled labs not to miss:

1. Make your processes cognitive by infusing Watson services

In this lab, attendees create and train a Watson Conversation Service in IBM Bluemix, then train it to conduct a conversation. Using IBM BPM, attendees will create a REST Service from a local Watson Conversation Swagger file. They’ll use Human Services to wire the Watson Conversation Service to a Coach, and finally, attendees will test the solution by conducting a machine-to-human conversation with Watson.

2. Build a custom web portal for IBM SoftLayer on Bluemix using Docker

In this lab, attendees will build a Python web application into an Ubuntu-based Docker image, which hosts and runs on IBM Bluemix. The Slick web portal for SoftLayer is built using the SoftLayer API. This lab is accompanied by a developerWorks Recipe.

3. Build, deploy and manage microservices with IBM API Connect and Docker container orchestration

Here, attendees can learn how to effectively deploy IBM API Connect in a Docker environment to create, secure and manage APIs and microservices. Using a Docker container orchestration (Swarm or Kubernetes), attendees orchestrate a complete API Connect setup for different environments.

4. Cognitive IoT transformation using Watson IoT platform, NodeRED, NoSQL and data science experience

This lab offers attendees the chance to implement their own cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) workflow using an open source pipeline backed by Linux and Raspberry Pi, MQTT, Apache CouchDB, NodeRED/Node.js, Apache Spark, Jupyter and Python. Attendees will capture, store, analyze and act based on insights created on-the-fly using different data science methods, including exploratory data analysis, time series analysis and artificial intelligence on IoT sensor data.

5. Agile development using MicroProfile and IBM WebSphere Liberty

In this lab, attendees learn how to use MicroProfile, as well as key application development technologies in Java EE 7 and beyond, to create a microservice that uses CDI, JAX-RS, WebSockets, Concurrency Utilities for Java and a NoSQL database running on WebSphere Liberty.

Check out these five open labs not to miss:

1. Build a travel application on IBM Bluemix using Watson and Cloudant in 15 minutes
This lab showcases the advantage of combining and using multiple services such as Cloudant as storage, Watson as an analytics engine and Node-RED to build/design an application. During this lab, attendees have a choice to build an application using either Watson Visual Recognition service or Watson Tradeoff Analytics service in Bluemix.

2. Working with containers in IBM Bluemix
In this lab, attendees learn to build and deploy a container in IBM Bluemix. They deploy a Cloud Foundry application, then build that same application as a Docker container and deploy it in Bluemix.

3, Learn how to extend API Connect to use IBM MQ
This lab reviews how IBM API Connect out-of-the-box capabilities can be extended by using DataPower extensions and Custom Properties to integrate with IBM MQ.

4. Using related Docker containers for Liberty and MongoDB database
In this exercise, attendees run the Liberty MongoDB sample application in one container with MongoDB database running in another container. Then, they’ll link the two containers and run a multi-container application using Docker Compose.

5. IBM UrbanCode Deploy: Introduction to designing software deployments
Here, attendees will configure IBM UrbanCode Deploy for the deployment of a pet store application to two different environments. They’ll create resources and versioned components, configure the environments, and deploy the application and snapshots. Attendees will also create teams and roles and learn the fundamentals of security.

Open Labs will be held in the Mandalay Bay South Seas ballrooms on the third floor in South Seas room F. Open labs are available at the following times:

Sunday 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Monday 11:15 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Visit the open labs website for a complete listing of sessions.

Follow @IBMCloudEdu to get the latest on labs and the InterConnect Hands-on Lab Center. Don’t forget to register today and enroll for your Bootcamp and scheduled labs.

While at InterConnect, stop by the open labs in Mandalay Bay South Seas F for a chance to win an Apple iPad or an Apple Watch. Complete an Open Lab and submit a survey to be entered into a drawing to win. Contest restricted to IBM clients only.

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