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Self-monitoring machines define the new industrial era

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Schaeffler self-monitoring machinesCognitive and cloud technologies have made a new industrial era possible.

The Schaeffler Group uses big-data analytics to turn data into valuable insights that help us increase operational efficiency and develop innovative services. Using the IoT data from sensors, we can react more quickly, make better decisions and understand more about how to optimize product and equipment performance. Our machines can monitor themselves. This new industrial era is made possible by our leading products and innovation, combined with strategic partnerships, for example with IBM as our strategic partner.

The Schaeffler Group is one of the world’s leading integrated automotive and industrial suppliers and one of the world’s largest companies in family ownership. We develop, manufacture and service precision-engineered products that are used in wind turbines, automobiles, trains and aircrafts, among others. To execute on our “mobility for tomorrow” strategy, we are transforming our entire organization using digitalization.

As a technical foundation, Schaeffler has created a digital platform connecting products over all elements of their life cycle with the related processes and machines. This generates large amounts of data allowing us to improve value for our customers.

We chose a strategic relationship with IBM because of the company’s industry knowledge, our similarity in engineering DNA and a broad IBM portfolio from consulting to technology solutions. Our IBM Cloud Platform solution includes agile development and access to all IBM Watson services.

The external focus of the transformation is optimizing maintenance and TCO in the wind energy sector, the digitized monitoring and optimization of trains, providing smart elements for autonomous vehicles, and more. You can read details about Schaeffler’s upcoming plans here or here and learn more about the Schaeffler and IBM teaming in this video.

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