6 Java developer highlights at InterConnect 2017

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Java developer InterConnectJava developers, listen up. By now, you may have heard about the sessions, labs, roundtables, activities and events being offered at IBM InterConnect 2017. With more than 2,000 sessions and 200 labs to choose from, it can be a daunting task to create your agenda for the conference. Luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you.

Here are six things that Java developers shouldn’t miss at InterConnect.

1. Hit the road with Code Rally

Code Rally is an open-source racing game where you play by programming a vehicle in Java—or Node.js if you prefer—to race around virtual tracks. Code Rally is an example of a microservice architecture, and each vehicle is its own self-contained microservice.  When deployed, each microservice works within our race simulation service to compete against other coders. Head over to the DevZone in the Concourse during the conference to give Code Rally a test drive.

2. DevZone

As a developer, the DevZone is the place to be. Located in the Concourse, you can hang out throughout the week with other developers to learn and share technical knowledge that will help you create the next generation of apps and services. While you’re at the DevZone, you can also talk to an IBM expert at an Ask Me Anything Expert Station, or learn a new skill in a short 20-minute Hello World Lab.

3. Session #7286: The rise of microservices

Microservices are a hot topic in the world of software development. They help teams divide and conquer to solve problems faster and deliver more rapidly. In this session, RedMonk analyst and co-founder James Governor will discuss the rise of microservices with IBM Fellow and Cloud Platform CTO Jason McGee. James and Jason will explore the concept of microservices and how cloud has enabled their rise. They will cover the capabilities needed to be successful combined with real-world examples, lessons learned, and insights on how to get started from where you are today.

4. Open Tech Summit

Mobile, cloud, and big data are all trends that are changing the way we interact with people. Capturing the value from these interactions requires rapid innovation, interoperability and scalability enabled by an open approach. At the Open Tech Summit on Sunday, March 19th from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM, leaders of the most game-changing open technologies communities will share their perspective on the benefits of open technology. Come network and engage directly with experts across the industry.

5. Lab: Agile development using MicroProfile and IBM WebSphere Liberty

MicroProfile and Java EE 7 make developing and deploying microservice style applications quick and efficient. In this lab, you will learn how to use MicroProfile and Java EE 7’s  application development capabilities to create a microservice that uses CDI, JAX-RS, WebSockets, Concurrency Utilities for Java and a NoSQL database running on WebSphere Liberty.

6. Session #4017: Building cloud-native microservices with Liberty and Node.js, a product development journey

In addition to talking about the benefits of developing applications as microservices, and showing you how to build them, IBM teams have also been building new microservice-based offerings. Head over to this session where I will discuss the latest IBM offerings with senior technical staff member Brian Pulito. We’ll cover how this was developed as a collection of cloud native microservices built on WebSphere Application Server and Node.js technologies. Learn about the tools, team structure, and development practices used when building the IBM Voice Gateway.

There will be no shortage of Java activity at the conference. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to train, network, and learn about developing with Java. Register for IBM InterConnect today.   

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