IBM and Salesforce partner to enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before

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A recent Bain & Company survey found that 80 percent of companies say they deliver superior service, but only 8 percent of customers find that to be true. While many companies preach about great customer service, not many actually practice it. We want to change that.

Think about your own experiences when it comes to the challenge of providing great customer service. How many times have you had to provide the same information over and over? How often have you been bounced from department to department or “expert” to “expert” because they didn’t have the right information to solve your issue?  How many times have you dealt with an automated voice system that couldn’t understand you or repeatedly sent you to the wrong place?

For many organizations, the issue is not that they don’t have the right data. It’s that they don’t have access to the right data when and where they need it.

As companies grow, expand and evolve, in many cases their IT environment has not been able to keep pace. The result is a myriad of applications and data scattered across mainframes, cloud applications, servers in other divisions, business partner records and personal spreadsheets. Even when organizations can get access to the data, they can’t work with it in a format that helps them to drive insights.

The best companies are focused on using cognitive solutions to deliver incredible customer moments. That’s why IBM and Salesforce announced a landmark global strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions designed to leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before.

One component of this partnership is the IBM Application Integration Suite for Salesforce. Customers now have the ability to bring together on-premises enterprise and cloud data with specialized integration products for Salesforce, surfacing that data directly within the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Business users are empowered to make the right connections in minutes without requiring technical support. to be even more responsive to customers through do-it-yourself interfaces that enable integrating Salesforce data with other business systems to quickly analyze, manipulate and act upon customer data held in Marketo, Asana, SAP and more.

The IBM Application Integration Suite for Salesforce has several features, which enable powerful interactions between Salesforce and enterprise IT systems. First, IT professional can broadcast Salesforce events to enterprise applications for real-time updates. Additionally, they can easily keep data in sync across Salesforce and other applications through pre-built templates to popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premises apps. Finally, developers building Lightning or Apex applications have Odata 4.0 support to ensure fast, virtual access to any record in any enterprise system, whether off the shelf or home grown.

The IBM and Salesforce partnership enables you to connect to your customers is new ways. For example, a wealth advisor will be able to unify client data, such as individual investments and risk profiles, with financial trends and public macroeconomic information from Application Integration Suite right within Salesforce to make smarter decisions for her customers. Insurers will have better insights into adverse weather events that can impact clients in a particular region, helping them to proactively engage with those who might be affected.

And the best part is you can get started today. If you want to learn more join the webcast or visit our website.

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