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Cloud makes high-performance gaming on any device possible

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Cloud high-performance gamingIf you want to do gaming right, it can be a very expensive hobby.

Every new game that comes out has more demanding hardware specs. Even if you buy a bleeding-edge gaming computer, in six or nine months it will be dated. You’ll be contemplating hardware upgrades or even an entire system upgrade. And Playing Call of Duty or Halo on your Android or iOS device was once unimaginable.

That is the major pain point we are solving with LiquidSky.

With cloud technology, we at LiquidSky offer users a powerful Windows or Steam environment on any web-enabled device so they can install and play games. Gamers who use a low-end PC, Mac, Linux machine, or Android phone or tablet can give it the performance of a $1,500 gaming desktop computer.

How it works

Let’s say you use an Android phone. Normally, you would be restricted to playing Angry Birds, Candy Crush and other apps with relatively low-end graphics.

Purple-LIQUIDSKY-LOGO-high-resIf you open the LiquidSky app, you can play all the latest AAA gaming titles. The game runs on a server within IBM Cloud data centers, streaming to a user’s device. It’s the same concept as watching a streaming movie or TV show on Netflix.

User inputs are sent back to the server, similar to virtual desktop technology such as Citrix or VMware, except LiquidSky has less than 30 milliseconds of latency from server to client.

Server optimization and cost savings

LiquidSky uses IBM Cloud data centers because they offer the performance and global presence we need. We looked at other providers, but they do not offer auto-scalability at a bare metal level as IBM does. With Bluemix Virtual Servers, LiquidSky can take over the entire server to run our own software, and can chop up, divide and hypervise the resources to meet our custom needs. We can also fit more users on a server, which saves money.

We save money on bandwidth because IBM owns the entire network of servers. That means we can move users among servers and manage users across a global ecosystem.

We like the IBM network. It’s clean and well-optimized, so there are not a lot of obstacles to get around or hoops to go through with different routers. Then there are points of presence (PoPs) from each region, pretty much worldwide, so we can get very close to our users with low latency, clean delivery and little packet loss.

Dynamic resources benefit gamers

A $1,500 computer is an expensive investment, so when gamers can simply sign on with LiquidSky and download whatever game they want, it’s exciting.

LiquidSky delivers gaming resources on an as-needed basis. A user’s entire computer is essentially on our server, which can be reached from almost any device. There will be no latency and no network issues with high-definition, streaming games. This is what we mean by “liquid” in LiquidSky: dynamic resources. It’s the flowing of resources freely from user to user.

You can read more about LiquidSky at or

Learn more about IBM Cloud gaming solutions. Read the LiquidSky case study.

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