While storage is on your mind, considerations to protect against outages

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Storage protect against outagesLet’s admit it: Storage is not the sexiest thing to talk about. But when it’s gone or unavailable, people notice, whether it’s your customers, employees or constituents. If you can’t get to your data, nothing else in your system matters.

When it comes to storage of images, audio, video or other unstructured content,  organizations need technology designed for the needs of business, and that’s IBM Cloud Object Storage.

IBM Cloud Object Storage encrypts and slices up data as soon as it comes in, with the slices dispersed across multiple regions automatically. With the “immediate consistency” capability, if a write operation is confirmed, data is protected immediately. That’s really important, because if a region goes down, data can still be delivered from the slices that exist in remaining regions. Applications that rely on that data remain up and running. They can survive regional outages we often hear about.

Given the explosion of data in just about every enterprise, managing the storage of data in a reliable and cost-effective way is a business imperative. Protecting data with IBM Cloud Object Storage Cross Region service is actually 30 to 40 percent less expensive than competitors.

With IBM Cloud Object Storage services on the IBM Cloud, business leaders can feel confident in:

  • Technology which reflects over 400 patents and has been recognized by Gartner and IDC as top in class is up to the task
  • The combination of slicing, geo dispersal and immediate consistency is unique and protects organizations against similar outages
  • Our offerings are lower priced than competitors
  • IBM is synonymous with enterprise IT, and Cloud Object Storage is designed around the needs of enterprises

So maybe storage can be sexy.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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