How KPN speeds service delivery

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KPN and Cloud Orchestrator

Are you looking to transform your IT department into a self-service delivery center? Do your IT operations have the speed and control to deliver what’s needed without compromising quality?

Keep reading to find out how KPN, an IT and communications technology services provider, increased its speed to quickly deliver IT service requests, reduce costs and provide high quality cloud services.

KPN is a leader in IT services and connectivity. It offers fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet access and television services in Netherlands. The provider also operates several mobile brands in Germany and Belgium. Its subsidiary, Getronics N.V., provides services across the globe.

Data and storage have played a critical role in helping KPN deliver high quality cloud services to its clients. As rapid growth of data continues to change the game, here’s how this savvy business has used IBM Cloud to transform operations.

Cloud Orchestrator accelerates service delivery

KPN executives wanted to optimize its cloud strategy to enhance service delivery time and quality. Potential solutions would help them manage and automate storage services in-house. The goal: improve cloud management to accelerate service delivery and reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) is an excellent solution for managing your complex hybrid cloud environments. It provides cloud management for IT services through a user-friendly, self-service portal. It automates and integrates the infrastructure, application, storage and network into a single tool. Additionally, the self-service catalog lets users automate the deployment of data center resources, cloud-enabled business processes and other cloud services.

Business transformation through automation

With ICO, KPN automated its storage services and designed an in-house cloud management system. The solution helped KPN provision and scale cloud resources and reduce both administrator workloads and error-prone manual IT administrator tasks. As a result, KPN could accelerate service delivery times by approximately 80 percent. This significantly improved the service quality and saved resources through automation.

Watch this video to learn more about how IBM Cloud Orchestrator helped KPN accelerate its cloud service delivery:

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