3 Things you’ll learn about private cloud at InterConnect

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private cloud at InterConnectMany companies are embracing a private cloud strategy to run their business. They want to reduce cost and effort while improving agility, IT processes and resource scalability. Private cloud addresses these needs. And it offers a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment either on-site or off-premises.

InterConnect 2017, the industry’s premier cloud conference, is the perfect place to learn about private cloud implementations and best practices from experts and peers. Three key things we’re showcasing through sessions, panels, labs and hands-on demos at InterConnect:

  1. It’s easy to adopt private cloud
  2. Private cloud can transform your business
  3. IBM can help get you there quickly

Here are just a few highlights to work into your schedule.

Session #2133: Five years of business value with PureApplication at DTCO, from bleeding edge to proven technology

The Dutch Tax and Customs Office needed to keep pace with new releases of all the different components of their technology stack. They aimed to simplify their software and application environment to accelerate application delivery. Adopting DevOps, IBM PureApplication, and patterns for WebSphere and Master Data Management (MDM), DTCO not only gained faster time to market but also realized the full potential of private cloud.

Session #2274: How DevOps enhanced quality and speed of delivery for the Israeli Government’s Welfare Department

The Israeli Government’s Welfare Department wanted to deliver applications to market faster and with higher quality. To get there, they used an agile, DevOps approach. They brought in IBM UrbanCode Deploy to automate deployments. And they complimented that with IBM Bluemix Local System to streamline app environment provisioning. As a result, the organization improved app delivery time from three months to three weeks and reduced provisioning times from two weeks to 50 minutes.

Session #4863: IBM Bluemix Private Cloud for cloud service providers: Materna’s experiences and technical insight

IT consulting company Materna succeeded in capturing new customers with a cloud based delivery of its solution on IBM Bluemix Private Cloud. In this session, their executives will walk through their process of adopting cloud technologies. They will discuss how they decided which workloads to run on the cloud and how they addressed multi-tenancy, audit and compliance, networking and more.

Session #5478: IBM PureApplication and Bluemix Local System Patterns: Roadmap and directions

Pre-built, customizable application patterns help you deploy application environments faster and more reliably across your private cloud. In this session, experts will discuss how patterns can help you improve application time-to-market so you can focus more on innovating and serving your clients.

Now that you know about a few of the private cloud sessions at InterConnect, it’s time for you to act. Register now and get ready for an incredible experience of learning and networking with your peers and some of the top experts in private cloud. See you there.

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