How cognitive business operations can elevate your business

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cognitive business operations InterconnectEvery business operates with the aim to serve its customers as best as possible. Here are just a few examples of how businesses use the cloud to elevate service:

  • A small retail store uses cloud software to manage its inventory, finances and ordering processes
  • A large healthcare provider combines private health data with publicly-available scientific studies to provide better patient care
  • A medium-sized bank leverages automated processes and rules to onboard new customers more quickly

What if all this could be done even better?

Traditional business operations are being transformed by new capabilities that infuse humanlike understanding into the very fabric of business. The retail store and its order process can now leverage cognitive services to convert speech-to-text and perform trade-off analysis. The healthcare provider could analyze images and extract relationships to tailor treatment to its individual patients. The bank can determine sentiment and automate natural language conversations to ensure quick and accurate service.

You can now infuse operational systems with cognitive services to take action at the right time. This level of innovation and efficiency was not previously possible.

Patterns combine cognitive and process transformation

Cognitive business operations, powered by IBM Watson, is the next step. Businesses need to innovate while also maintaining their existing systems. This hybrid model is ideal for process and decision management. Companies can deliver excellent service through efficiency, effectiveness and visibility. What if you added the ability to sense new, unstructured events in real time? What if you could correlate across time, space and individual customer? Your engagement could leap ahead.

Cognitive business operations at Interconnect

Are you and your business ready for systems that augment discover, and learn? Join us at IBM InterConnect 2017. Check out a few highlighted sessions on cognitive business operations:

Session 2867: Patterns to combine cognitive computing and process transformation       

Explore cognitive patterns and see real-life demos of Watson Cognitive Business Operations in action. Learn how to create a solution that augments, discovers and learns to improve business outcomes.

Session 4562: Transforming processes with Watson Cognitive Business Operations   

Learn how operational systems can now leverage cognitive services to take operations to a new level.  Learn how to convert speech-to-text, analyze images, hold conversations, extract relationships, determine sentiment and perform trade-off analysis. See a real-world demo of how IBM Process Transformation and Watson work together to optimize operations.

Session 4570: Using IBM Watson language services to transform business operations    

Does your company take timely action in response to customer emails? Correspondence now extends from traditional communication channels into social, mobile, text and chat. Companies must quickly act on a rapidly expanding set of interactions. Learn about cognitive language services that can intelligently interpret customer correspondence and automatically take action.

At InterConnect, see how cognitive visual recognition, natural language services and more are used in a variety of industries and operational systems. Then take the next steps and learn the patterns necessary to combine business operations with cognitive capabilities. All sessions include live demos, so get ready to see cognitive business operations in action. Register today.

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