6 do-not-miss hybrid cloud sessions at IBM InterConnect

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IBM Interconnect 2017Are you looking at expanding your private or hybrid cloud? Or maybe you want to get the most out of your current capabilities? Whatever your goals are, you can’t afford to miss these six exciting sessions at IBM InterConnect 2017.

1. Session #2207: Strategies for successfully enabling BPM/ODM in the hybrid cloud

How do you achieve maximum business value in a cloud environment? Learn how to harness the capabilities of hybrid cloud to deploy, implement and manage enterprise workloads like IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) and IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). Come learn the business requirements you need to consider when working with application performance, servers, business processes, financial objectives, service management, disaster recovery, infrastructure, risk management and hybrid cloud integration.

2. Session #5992: Bluemix local system: Cloud adoption for enterprise IT

It can be expensive to deliver the right applications to the right users at the right time. IBM technical experts will share how IBM Bluemix Local System and IBM PureApplication can help accelerate and optimize your IT operations with a turnkey, integrated private cloud application platform. See how you can run both traditional and cloud-based applications while supporting open technology through built-in automation for simple and repeatable application environment deployments.

3. Session #6017: Strategies for high availability and disaster recovery with private cloud

Every organization has its own high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) requirements. IBM Bluemix Local System and IBM PureApplication provide many capabilities that allow you to implement HA strategies and DR scenarios for your applications and data. Join this roundtable discussion to share your feedback and learn best practices from IBM and your peers.

4. Session #1326: Total economic value from AXA’s PureApplication implementation

Launching new insurance products often means high upfront costs and time-consuming processes for setting up infrastructure. Learn how AXA Technology Services implemented a new underwriting process for household products on a pilot using IBM PureApplication Service in the cloud. You’ll also hear how it performed a proof of concept using PureApplication System in its data center. Both projects succeeded, and AXA Belgium purchased two IBM PureApplication System units for its on-premises use. Read the case study to see the total value of what was accomplished, and attend the session to see how you might be able to do the same.

5. Session #3766: Habib Bank Limited’s journey to platform as a service with IBM PureApplication System

Do you want to learn how your organization might streamline application delivery and reduce costs? Habib Bank will share its journey from traditional IT to a new cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS) solution with IBM PureApplication and WebSphere Application Portal. Hear how this transition helped the company deploy its applications 300 percent faster and save USD 500,000.

6. Session #4189: Enterprise IT modernization at 1-800-FLOWERS

Do you want to learn how to modernize your business to meet new challenges? 1-800-FLOWERS has reinvented itself several times since its founding as a local florist in 1976. The company has gone from local retail to global telephone sales, and now it is on the leading edge of the DevOps revolution. Learn how 1-800-FLOWERS uses IBM PureApplication Software as part of its enterprise modernization and DevOps automation process to greatly improve provisioning times for new development, test and production environments. You’ll also discover how patterns changed the company’s vocabulary from “months” to “days.”

These are just some of the many exciting sessions at InterConnect. If you’re still not signed up, register today, and then add these six sessions to your schedule. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk directly with our executives and technical teams by stopping by the InterConnect 2017 EXPO. I look forward to seeing you there.

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