AngioDynamics unifies a global team with enterprise video

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AngioDynamics enterprise videoEngaging employees is a top priority in just about every business today. With many employees working in remote locations, keeping everyone informed and instilling corporate culture are important.  Enterprise video is a great way to accomplish these goals and help employees thrive.

AngioDynamics, a medical device maker based in New York state, is a great example of how to use video to unify a dispersed team. In this two-minute video, learn how the company tripled employee engagement using IBM Cloud Video to reach 1,300 employees on two continents, with 25 percent of them in the field and on mobile devices.

CEO-led video town halls have helped AngioDynamics reshape itself after an acquisition several years ago more than doubled its number of employees.  In addition, because the healthcare industry is heavily regulated, single-sign on access control and encrypted-video-stream features built into IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise were critical in meeting requirements.

AngioDynamics’ video town halls, combined with many other factors, helped the company drive a 40 percent increase in its stock price in 2016. See more in this customer infographic, and learn more about IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise.

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