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Blue Hill Research: New Watson services will add value for video content owners

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Blue Hill Research streaming videoIndependent research and advisory firm Blue Hill Research has both good news and bad about streaming video.

The good news is that the growth of video is astonishing. By 2020, it’s likely that video data will make up 80 percent of all global IP traffic.  People upload a year’s worth of video (nearly 9,000 hours) every 20 minutes.

The bad news is that this fast-growing volume of video is overwhelming traditional capabilities to effectively analyze and categorize content. Producers who want to identify the next big star and media companies that want to curate their collections to maximize viewer satisfaction are at a loss.

That’s why, Blue Hill notes, a recent IBM announcement of several new Watson-based cloud video technology services is so compelling. One new service will support live-reaction analysis as a video streams of viewer sentiments on social media. Another service automatically detects discrete scenes in a video to simplify indexing, speed up editing and unlock hidden or “dark” metadata. A third new Watson service analyzes the social media footprint of viewers to suggest what kind of content each person would most enjoy.

Blue Hill predicts that as a result of these new services, organizations have an increased capability to automatically translate video content into ongoing value.

Learn more in this complimentary Blue Hill Research report.

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