Cognitive computing assistant is a marketer’s new best friend

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cognitive computing assistant marketersFortune 1000 companies and other large enterprises manage data about website performance, customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms, just to name a few sources.

They may also have data from e-commerce, point-of-sale, loyalty or guest systems, as well as reports and presentations: marketing plans, strategic plans, audience personas and research, media plans, and so on. And then there’s the third-party data. It is a lot of information from a lot of systems that are owned or licensed.

It can be tough to make sense of all that data.

At Equals 3, we’re looking to help marketers solve that problem. Lucy, our cognitive computing assistant, is a trusted partner that’s easy to teach and talk to. She analyzes structured and unstructured data to help with research, segmentation and planning.

A cognitive computing companion

Equals 3 created Lucy as a cognitive computing companion for marketing professionals. We’re partnering with IBM and working with IBM Watson to make sense of all that marketing data using one natural-language interface.

With Lucy on their team, marketers can get what they need when they need it. Lucy can read and interpret every report, PowerPoint, PDF, Word document and repository of HTML. It can review each row and column of a spreadsheet or database at a moment’s notice.

Why we chose IBM

Lucy is developed and hosted in a hybrid IBM Cloud environment, through which developers access numerous Watson APIs.

We chose to work with IBM because the technology was more robust than other providers’ solutions. IBM has a specific roadmap and is willing to partner with us on our journey. Additionally, Fortune 1000 companies — our target market — trust and use IBM on premises, so the ability to extend an on-premises environment to the cloud is beneficial.

Plus, IBM has a global presence, which is essential for companies that have restrictions on data leaving their countries.

Lucy at work

The ability to feed all that data through one natural-language interface means a huge boost in productivity for marketers, which means a big time savings.

For example, one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies is using Lucy to review several thousand research studies formatted in PowerPoint, along with as much as 4 terabytes of customer survey data. The company wanted to mine data in a way that was meaningful to the business versus having to go out and spend up to $200,000 each time it wanted to understand the data in a different way.

Equals 3 implemented its cognitive computing solution for the organization within four weeks. Now it can get at all of the research and all of the data that was previously locked away. The company can mine and use the data in seconds versus previously taking weeks to repurpose.

Lucy is a master strategist and can inform everything from in-depth market analysis and audience segmentation to media mix modeling and targeted-channel planning.

Learn more about Lucy and Equals 3 in Martech Today, The Wall Street Journal and Twin Cities Business.

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