Is your cloud strategy ready for the cognitive era?

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This morning, IBM World of Watson 2016 welcomed thousands to explore the latest developments in the cognitive era of computing. Conversations are buzzing about the intelligence that will reshape the trajectory of business. I’m here on the ground, and the energy is electrifying. Cloud strategy cognitive era

Cognitive capabilities, endless possibilities  

World of Watson spotlights the future of cognitive computing. But cognitive apps are here. They’re delivering powerful insights and amazing experiences, on IBM Cloud. Take the Seiko M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer, an app that connects with IBM Cloud to let golfers immediately analyze performance data like attack angle, club path and club head speed.

Or take the app Walk and Explore New York, a personalized tour guide that customizes an itinerary just for you. If Watson predicts bad weather will affect your trip, it will automatically adjust your itinerary.

Insights become action. Cool stuff.

A better cloud drives innovation

Moving to the cloud is no longer just a step on the path to your company’s future. Cloud technology delivers low-cost storage and app hosting, even at massive scales. But the cloud is no longer just about IT cost and speed.

The cloud is the foundation of business transformation.

It’s the platform that unlocks value and enables better decisions. IBM Cloud is transforming cloud so companies can create new business models and industry categories. We aim to drive business innovation: massive Internet of Things deployments, blockchain technology, those experience-rich cognitive apps and much more. Only IBM Cloud gives businesses the ability to unlock new value from their data and the freedom and flexibility to do it how they want to.

Building the best cloud for your business  

So how can you unleash a cognitive-ready cloud for your business? I believe companies succeed when they have the resources and flexibility to build exactly the cloud they need. There shouldn’t be limits to what you can do with cloud. Some of our competitors lock in a business’ data on their proprietary cloud. When you need to move data, you’re hit with data transfer fees. It can feel like paying ransom.

IBM Cloud makes it easy to expand into the public cloud and quickly realize its speed and cost benefits. For most companies, the optimal cloud strategy is a hybrid cloud approach. We can help you integrate your public cloud-based applications, services and data with your existing on-premises systems. If you can connect systems across your entire business, you can achieve maximum value from all of your data.

This is amplified by a new IBM announcement. IBM Cloud Object Storage sets us apart from the competition and helps you realize your data’s true potential.

Drawing from hundreds of patents, Cloud Object Storage enables you to deploy solutions flexibly, on-premises and across the public cloud. You get access to more than 45 global data centers to maximize data security. The best part? All of this costs less than other cloud storage providers, so you can use more your cloud investment to build apps and businesses.

IBM is continuously advancing what’s possible with cloud computing. I know World of Watson attendees will enjoy learning about the emerging technologies that only IBM Cloud can enable in the cognitive era. Explore capabilities and demos at our cloud site, and check out success story videos to see how businesses are realizing their ambitions with cloud.

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