Hybrid cloud through the IBM Edge kaleidoscope

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IBM Edge 2016IBM Edge 2016 — a global conference that provides a platform for IT leaders to design, build and deliver infrastructure in the cloud — came, mesmerized, and conquered.

The hybrid cloud team engaged with clients, talking with them about new technologies and inspiring them in thought leadership sessions with our subject matter experts, demos, client stories and more.

The event kicked off with general sessions full of stories about how hybrid cloud is helping organizations. In one session, Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President of IBM Systems, spoke about how organizations lead by example with hybrid cloud. Red Bull Racing, the F1 Double World Champions, took the stage and told us how they roared and rose high over the competitors using cutting-edge technology from IBM.

The IBM Cloud Integration booth was where all the action was at IBM Edge, where visitors could experience the technology that makes hybrid cloud a reality. This is where the IBM Cloud Orchestrator team showed clients exactly how Cloud Orchestrator allows them to manage public, private, and hybrid clouds with a rapid configuration, provisioning and deployment process. Cloud Orchestrator enables organizations to go live sooner as they develop and test applications, integrating various tools with cloud services.

Here’s a quick look at what it can do:

  • Rapidly accelerate delivery times. It exponentially improves service delivery times and cuts provisioning times from weeks to minutes.
  • Increase profits by reducing costs. Cloud Orchestrator gets rid of process-heavy management tools and automates manual workloads.
  • Innovate and lead with confidence. Users can leverage public cloud services to innovate while keeping business policies intact within IT services.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator transforms the IT services wing into a self-service organization. One example of a customer who saw a massive decrease in delivery time was Bob Hunt, Enterprise Systems Management Manager at American Greetings. He said his company “cut server provisioning times from two weeks to 20 minutes.”

Likewise, Paul Lu, CEO of Wuxi Lake Cloud, said, “Previously, our quickest deployment was two weeks, but some took as long as two months. Now we’re doing it in a week, and we’re anticipating three-day deployments in the future. We’ve reduced system recovery times by about 75 percent.”

IBM Cloud Orchestrator has become a leader in hybrid cloud management by automating cloud services and rapidly speeding up agile IT Service delivery.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Orchestrator.


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