WebSphere V9 can help you navigate the sea of apps

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We all love our apps. In fact, companies are swimming—some perhaps drowning—in a sea of apps. And this sea of apps isn’t going to cease anytime soon: Cisco forecasts that cloud applications will account for 90 percent of worldwide mobile data traffic by 2019. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this wave of apps, don’t shoot off your SOS flares quite yet, because the new WebSphere Application Server Version 9 is even more durable and reliable for the high app seas. Why? Because with WebSphere V9 with WebSphere Connect capabilities, you can easily navigate your existing on-premises apps and data and connect to and from the cloud to get more from your current investments.

Expose apps as APIs

IBM WebSphere Connect capabilities are a part of WebSphere V9 and give you the power to connect your existing on-premises Java apps to the cloud without needing to rewrite the apps or acquire new data. WebSphere Connect capabilities provide full end-to-end API lifecycle management so that you can easily create APIs from existing Java apps, and then publish them to an API lifecycle management solution from your WebSphere environment. This allows you to reuse WebSphere apps as APIs in new ways, and publish these APIs to an IBM API Connect public catalog in IBM Bluemix to monetize and expose your APIs to developers and other ecosystem partners.

Connect apps now

Another great lifeline WebSphere V9 and WebSphere Connect capabilities provide is the ability to seamlessly connect on-premises apps to hundreds of Bluemix cloud services like IBM Watson, IBM Cloudant and IBM dashDB. Don’t toss your old on-premises applications and start from scratch. Instead, rapidly infuse apps with cognitive capabilities, gain operational insights and enhance customer engagement. Breathe new life into your existing investments and extend their value.

Don’t be lost at sea

There is a plethora of apps spilling from disparate sources (public cloud! Private cloud! Data centers! Cloud to cloud!), but rest assured, IBM WebSphere V9 is here to act as your life raft to prevent you from drowning amongst the apps, or even worse, from being lost at sea. To learn more about the lifelines IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 has to offer, click here.

You can learn how WebSphere Application Server V9 fits into your larger cloud strategy by registering for an on-demand video webcast featuring a panel of experts by clicking here!

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