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Many people know Bluemix as the IBM platform as a service (PaaS) for building, deploying, running and managing applications built for the cloud. But what if you want use Bluemix to run applications that cannot be outside your company’s data center? Bluemix Local is the solution, providing an on-premises version of Bluemix for local deployments. Since it is PaaS, the platform is always current and available, even though it’s behind your firewall.

So where will you host the Bluemix Local environment?

You have two choices:

  • Traditional: You can acquire, deploy and manage your own x86 hardware, storage and networking. Once your platform is set up, IBM manages Bluemix Local through a relay function.
  • Expert-integrated system: You can take advantage of a cloud application platform that installs quickly as a cloud appliance. The IBM Bluemix Local System, formerly known as IBM PureApplication System, preintegrates compute, network and storage, as well as Bluemix Local and PureApplication software to simplify setup. IBM takes responsibility for its initial deployment and hands it over to your local staff for management. IBM manages Bluemix Local by way of relay, while you focus on application development.

How does Bluemix Local System actually work?

It’s a converged system using expert-integrated best practices from IBM. The virtualization layer and OS also come preinstalled and configured, allowing rapid setup of any middleware or microservice workloads.

You may be wondering, why would you use an integrated cloud appliance rather than traditional x86 systems for Bluemix Local? The benefits include:

  • Rapid setup with appliance form factor: best-in-class VMware configuration
  • Full support for high availability: built-in redundancy at every level; 99.9 percent service availability level
  • Simple scaling and upgrades: one click to add compute nodes to environments
  • A streamlined support process: single support number for software and hardware
  • Built-in appliance monitoring and health check: supports events and alerts using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

It’s simple to begin hosting a Bluemix Local instance. You just need to create cloud and IP groups to handle the specific configuration steps Bluemix Local requires. The appliance already has the necessary VMware components for virtualization, and they are preconfigured and optimized for running Bluemix Local — no direct access is needed. Since Bluemix Local has an automated deployment process through the relay, you can have a fully functional Bluemix Local instance up and running within a day, compared to weeks or months for a traditional do-it-yourself installation.

Integration with traditional workloads

Bluemix Local System offers easy and secure integration with existing on-premises data and applications, regardless of whether they are hosted on your hardware or on the IBM Bluemix Local System appliance.


Whatever workload you want to run on premises — monolithic, traditional workloads or new microservices applications — the new Bluemix Local System offers the right converged infrastructure for all your applications. All kinds of workloads, including databases, web applications or situational applications, will benefit from its specifically-designed performance. And Bluemix Local System supports a diverse range of input/output options, including iSCSI, storage area network and Flash storage.

For more discussion on the value of Bluemix Local System, check out our “Expert Talk” video, below.


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