Five things you can’t live without from IBM WebSphere V9

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WebSphere customers are smart. They are in the trenches navigating the ever-changing digital landscape to keep their businesses vibrant, ahead of the competition. This is why we’ve listened to our customers to help us deliver capabilities to solve their most urgent needs with our latest IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 9 release.

So, without further ado, allow me to share five things from IBM WebSphere V9 you won’t be able to live without:

1. Create new apps instantly

WebSphere is built for speed and scalability. Whether you are building a small, stand-alone microservice or a massive Java enterprise app, WebSphere can handle both and everything in between. WebSphere V9 maintains its lightweight, composable runtime and microservices architecture. And it now completes the full Java EE7 certification for traditional WebSphere (Liberty was certified last year). These added capabilities give developers the option of deploying to Liberty or traditional WebSphere for their applications, allowing you to speed development of Java apps across hybrid environments with WebSphere.

To get a jumpstart creating cloud-native apps, try the new WebSphere Liberty app accelerator, a service hosted on IBM Bluemix that allows developers to utilize Spring and Spring Boot and seamlessly deploy apps locally or in Bluemix.

2. Application portability: move apps anywhere in any way

WebSphere V9 gives you the freedom to create a borderless environment with easy application portability regardless of your architectural environment. Now you can seamlessly move apps with any cloud container service like IBM Bluemix, Docker (including WebSphere support for Docker Datacenter) or VMware.

3. Connect to cloud

WebSphere V9 includes WebSphere connect capabilities, which allow you to easily connect your existing WebSphere apps and data to the cloud and integrate new cloud service capabilities like Watson, Cloudant, IBM dashDB, API Connect and Log Analytics (beta) into on-premises applications to quickly extend the value of your existing Java apps. WebSphere V9 includes end-to-end API lifecycle management with IBM API Connect Essentials. Now you can create, expose, publish and manage APIs from your existing WebSphere environment.

4. Easier management

WebSphere V9 keeps it simple. Now you can seamlessly manage Java, Node.js apps and APIs through a single administration center. No more switching from one solution to another and losing the time you need to focus on what really matters.

5. Lower costs

Why should you pay more when you can pay less? IBM WebSphere on cloud on Bluemix offers flexible, PAYGO pricing models that can help save up to 30 percent or more. Pay by the hour or by the month… or use it for temporary or even standalone WebSphere instances– whatever you need, it’s waiting for you.

6. Easy upgrade

Okay, there are so many great things about IBM WebSphere V9 that I couldn’t stop at five. Upgrading to V9 with WebSphere is seamless. For example, WebSphere Liberty has zero migration architecture, so you can keep writing new, exciting apps without having to go back and adapt your new apps to the latest runtime version. We have several tools that make it easy to plan your upgrade, a new UrbanCode Deploy plug-in that automatically migrates configurations to newer versions of WebSphere and a team ready to help explore options or conduct a proof of technology. Any way you go, we’re here to help.

These six capabilities address only a few of the hot topics you’ve asked for. Check out why IBM WebSphere V9 is ready for cloud in this video below:

For deeper detail on the new technical capabilities of WebSphere V9, join IBM’s experts in a video webcast for IT practitioners, architects and developers here.

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