Cognitive offers flights for up to 90 percent less with a cloud-based ticketing portal

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In 2012, founder Oliver Dlouhy was looking for an affordable flight from the Czech Republic to Portugal. Noting the expense of the direct flight options available online, Dlouhy spent a day combing through various websites, finally purchasing two less costly flights from different airlines.

The lengthy process inspired Dloughy to create a new online ticketing solution—one designed to search a wider breadth of flight data and instantly serve up cost-effective flight combinations unavailable to consumers via existing travel aggregation or individual airline sites.

“Airlines don’t necessarily list connecting flights from competing providers and travel sites don’t list all flights from all carriers,” says Lucie Brešová, Chief Financial Officer at “There are ‘hidden’ flight options out there that are typically 50 to 90 percent less expensive than regular tickets.”

To launch an online platform capable of instantly processing, sorting and combining massive amounts of flight data, required high-performance cloud hosting infrastructure.

“We work with a lot of data and we needed a cloud solution that could handle it,” says Jozef Képesi, Chief Technology Officer at “We knew exactly what we wanted and only SoftLayer could provide it.”

Using powerful SoftLayer bare metal servers, launched an online portal that was quickly and enthusiastically embraced by ticket buyers.

“It’s a unique thing that we do, connecting flights like this,” says Képesi. “We sell the flights as one booking and we include a guarantee with that booking. If you miss one of the flights, you just call us and we will find a different flight for you.”

One of the fastest growing businesses in the Czech Republic, serves customers worldwide and currently processes €500,000 daily ticket sales.

“We don’t have to worry about infrastructure,” says Képesi. “We’re able to just focus on adding data to offer more flights and more combinations.”

“We’re continuing to make the site easy to use and keep increasing our data inventory to make our offering even more robust,” adds Brešová. “Our goal is to become the leader in online travel.”

Download a SoftLayer case study slide about (formerly Skypicker).

Learn more about how IBM Cloud is working with travel companies to create better customer experiences.


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